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Butterflies: Reflections, Tales, and Verse

Hermann Hesse

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Ratgeber / Natur


This volume gathers the most alluring stories, recollections, contemplations and poems on butterflies by Herman Hesse. 

"I have always had a connection with butterflies and other fleeting and ephemeral beauties, while I have never succeeded in maintaining permanent, committed and so-called solid relationships," writes Hermann Hesse in a letter from 1926. This preference, occasionally resembling an elective affinity, for "flowers and butterflies, that are of everlasting things, a fleeting allegory" – as he says in one of his poems, has left its mark on Hesse’s entire oeuvre. 



transitions joy, mortality, nature therapy, spirituality, beauty, nature, nobel prize, wonder, butterflies, tranquility, enchantment, environment, inner peace