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Redneck Sayin's & Terms

Abigail Turner

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


Rednecks come in all shapes, sizes, races, male and female, and now live in all regions of the United States. They are an American grassroots compilation of people, and their lingo is fascinating to those who don't speak "redneck." 

Redneck Sayin's & Terms presents words, phrases, stories, and history of the fun-loving people that society named "Rednecks." Don't be fooled by the past stereotypes of this group. These people are amazing, unique humans inside and out, and funny to boot!

From Nebraska, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Wyoming, Abigail Turner moved to the South in 2006, a place she never knew she'd love so much. She learned to enjoy the people and the slower pace. As time progressed, Abby began to adapt to the interesting linguistics and comical nuances of speech.

Inspired by Abigail's husband, Redneck Sayin's & Terms is a comical gem within the trove of her and her mother's publishing company, PipStones, LLC.

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