Stronger Together

Seven Partnership Virtues and the Vices that Subvert Them

Dave Harvey

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


A vision of church partnerships that will elevate churches to greater gospel fruitfulness and enable them to thrive.Networked churches are the primary church planting force in evangelicalism todaybut what makes them so effective, why do they remain so under-appreciated, and what are the common pitfalls that can ensnare them?I Stronger Together, veteran church planter and pastor Dave Harvey draws from his experiences and study of networks to walk Christian institutions, church leaders, and planters through tested strategies for starting and sustaining healthy and biblical church partnerships.By focusing on key virtues and shedding light on the pitfalls that oppose them, Harvey unpacks seven dichotomies that offer a practical roadmap to healthy patterns:Conviction vs. consumerismGifted leadership vs. isolationismCollaboration vs. radical individualismRenewal dynamics vs. institutionalismA kingdom mindset vs. tribalismHumility vs. egotismModesty vs. triumphalismWhen churches are vitally connected to other churches, they thrive, multiply, and last longer. Scripture exemplifies this, and research proves it. Stronger Togetherpart of the Exponential series on ministry growth and discipleshipwill teach you exactly how to pursue biblical collaboration that will allow your church to flourish and your ministry to grow.

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