Truants: A Novel

Ron Carlson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“If you can read this one without getting a lump in your throat, turn yourself in to the nearest mortuary. Your heart has ceased to function. This book is about the innate hunger of the human heart to belong. To be part of a family unit whether or not there are blood ties. It’s about the refusal of the American adult to be bothered with those young enough or old enough to be a nuisance. And it’s about the most touching book I’ve read in many a moon.” —Carolyn Vaughter, Houston Chronicle

Collin Elder is running away from a “home” for wayward teenagers. Louisa Holz is escaping from her father, a carnival daredevil. Heading west from Arizona, they meet a third member of the novel’s family—Will Clare, elderly and forgetful but full of rich memories.