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A Companion to the History of the Book

Jonathan Rose (Hrsg.), Simon Eliot (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft


A COMPANION TO THE HISTORY OF THE BOOK A COMPANION TO THE HISTORY OF THE BOOK Edited by Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose "As a stimulating overview of the multidimensional present state of the field, the Companion has no peer." Choice "If you want to understand how cultures come into being, endure, and change, then you need to come to terms with the rich and often surprising history Of the book ... Eliot and Rose have done a fine job. Their volume can be heartily recommended. " Adrian Johns, Technology and Culture From the early Sumerian clay tablet through to the emergence of the electronic text, this Companion provides a continuous and coherent account of the history of the book. A team of expert contributors draws on the latest research in order to offer a cogent, transcontinental narrative. Many of them use illustrative examples and case studies of well-known texts, conveying the excitement surrounding this rapidly developing field. The Companion is organized around four distinct approaches to the history of the book. First, it introduces the variety of methods used by book historians and allied specialists, from the long-established discipline of bibliography to newer IT-based approaches. Next, it provides a broad chronological survey of the forms and content of texts. The third section situates the book in the context of text culture as a whole, while the final section addresses broader issues, such as literacy, copyright, and the future of the book. Contributors to this volume: Michael Albin, Martin Andrews, Rob Banham, Megan L Benton, Michelle P. Brown, Marie-Frangoise Cachin, Hortensia Calvo, Charles Chadwyck-Healey, M. T. Clanchy, Stephen Colclough, Patricia Crain, J. S. Edgren, Simon Eliot, John Feather, David Finkelstein, David Greetham, Robert A. Gross, Deana Heath, Lotte Hellinga, T. H. Howard-Hill, Peter Kornicki, Beth Luey, Paul Luna, Russell L. Martin Ill, Jean-Yves Mollier, Angus Phillips, Eleanor Robson, Cornelia Roemer, Jonathan Rose, Emile G. L Schrijver, David J. Shaw, Graham Shaw, Claire Squires, Rietje van Vliet, James Wald, Rowan Watson, Alexis Weedon, Adriaan van der Weel, Wayne A. Wiegand, Eva Hemmungs Wirtén.


(Australian Academic &Research Libraries, March 2010)
"This companion will provide a sound point of reference forsituation the book, whatever it may yet become, in its properhistorical and sociological context."
(Libraries& the Cultural Record, Winter 2009)
"This is a must-have volume for anyone (or any library) with aninterest in the history of books and book culture."
(Library Quarterly,May 2009)
"This book has many uses for book historians as a reflection ofthe field now, in its present state."
(SHARPNews, Winter 2008)
"Eliot and Rose have produced a definitive survey to whichspecialists as well as lay readers will find themselves returningfrequently for information and analytical insight."
(Times Literary Supplement, November2008)
"Eliot and Rose have recruited some exceptional contributors....The round-the-world coverage also makes for an enjoyable anddippable compendium."
(Zeitschrift fur Anglistik and Amerilanistik,October 2008)
"The considerable learning distilled in these pages is wornlightly and the result is a volume that will appeal to experts andnon-specialists alike. It will also prove to be a valuable teachingresource."
(The Bonefolder, Autumn 2008)
"A Companion to the History of the Book provides a wealth ofinformation to readers of all levels in a well laid out and writtenvolume."
(Publishing Research Quarterly, July2008)
"Academic libraries with any kind of interest in the history ofthe book or the history of publishing will want this 'companion' ontheir shelves."
"As a stimulating overview of the multidimensional present stateof the field, the Companion has no peer. Recommended."
(Script andPrint)
"An exceptional resource for anyone working in fields such asliterature, history, cultural studies or media studies--toname a few. Drawing on a large group of experts, Simon Eliot andJonathan Rose have compiled a selection of essays that guidereaders through many episodes in the long history of books, bothinside and outside the Western tradition.... A Companion to theHistory of the Book is just that--a companion ... anessential text for students and scholars from a wide variety ofdisciplines who are led to ask questions about the commissioning,publication, distribution and consumption of books. This book is amilestone in the history of the book for it makes the first attemptto map the field like no other book before it."
(Technology and Culture)
"If you want to understand how cultures come into being, endure,and change, they imply, then you need to come to terms with therich and often surprising history of the book.... Eliot and Rosehave done a fine job. Their volume can be heartily recommended asthe best available starting point for any historian interested inlearning about this enterprise.... The Companion does not restrictitself to chronicling the development of the book itself. It alsodevotes attention to regimes of regulation andjurisdiction--censorship, intellectual property, and thelike--and to systems of storage and taxonomy: libraries andbibliography."
(Umbrella Magazine)
"This book serves as a coherent guide to the study of thehistory of the book. The experts bring the latest research to theirwork."



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