The Curious Columns of Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles

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Adrian Chiles's weekly column for the Guardian has gained a cult following for his unique insights into everything from the present tense in history podcasts to his favourite spoon, or his legendary at-home urinal. As Gawker put it, 'Adrian Chiles never misses.' And his targets are the stuff of life: the everyday things we all need to stop and think about a little more.

The Curious Columns of Adrian Chiles finds Britain's much-loved broadcaster musing on the sacred and the profane, the whimsical and the bizarre, offering his idiosyncratic take on self-checkouts, speeding tickets and the correct duration of a hug, falling into a bed of wild garlic, and discovering he has a naked doppelgänger on OnlyFans. In this brilliant bumper collection, he takes us on a bright, bemused tour of British life, delivering offbeat truths and a comforting blast of humour and warmth for baffling times.

I thought it was weird to have a favourite spoon. Then I realised I wasn't alone...

At Easter I had a fall. The wild garlic smelled lovely, but I didn't want to die there

I recently saw something in a petrol station toilet southbound on the M1 that I can never unsee


s only truly good columnist
The nation'
t those of the columnist, and in which the supporting cast are gladly granted all the best lines. This is why Adrian Chiles is beautiful. This is why he will never be finished
It's rare to read a column in which so many voices feature that aren'
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