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Strength and Conditioning

Biological Principles and Practical Applications

Robert Newton (Hrsg.), Kazunori Nosaka (Hrsg.), Marco Cardinale (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


"I recommend that you read and use the information in this book toprovide your athletes with the best chances of performing at theirbest" from the foreword by Sir Clive Woodward, Olympic PerformanceDirector, British Olympic Association This book provides the latest scientific and practicalinformation in the field of strength and conditioning. The text is presented in four sections, the first of whichcovers the biological aspects of the subject, laying the foundationfor a better understanding of the second on the biologicalresponses to strength and conditioning programs. Section threedeals with the most effective monitoring strategies for evaluatinga training program and establishing guidelines for writing asuccessful strength and conditioning program. The final sectionexamines the role of strength and conditioning as a rehabilitationtool and as applied to those with disabilities. This book is an invaluable textbook and reference both foracademic programs and for the continuing education of sportsprofessionals. * Integrates the latest research on physiological, anatomical andbiomechanical aspects of strength and conditioning * Offers numerous practical examples of applications * Provides guidelines for writing and monitoring effectivestrength training programs


(Doody's, 17 February 2012)
"The field of strength and conditioning is always evolving and thisbook provides current research to help readers to stay informed. Itshould be a part of the library of professionals and students whoare affiliated with this field."
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