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A War on People

Drug User Politics and a New Ethics of Community

Jarrett Zigon

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If we see that our contemporary condition is one of war and widely diffused complexity, how do we understand our most basic ethical motivations? What might be the aims of our political activity? A War on People takes up these questions and offers a glimpse of a possible alternative future in this ethnographically and theoretically rich examination of the activity of some unlikely political actors: users of heroin and crack cocaine, both active and former. The result is a groundbreaking book on how anti–drug war political activity offers transformative processes that are termed worldbuilding and enacts nonnormative, open, and relationally inclusive alternatives to such key concepts as community, freedom, and care.

Read the author's article about the opiod crisis on Open Democracy.

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alternative future, potentiality, worldbuilding, anti drug war, crack cocain, community, anthropology, nonnormative, political activity, heroin, ethics, theoretical, law enforcement, political life, ethnographic, drug problem, drugs, freedom, opioid crisis, care, wartime, government, laws, basic ethical motivations, political actors