The Short Guide to Social Work

Robert Adams, Steve Myers

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This updated edition of the bestselling short guide provides an engaging and accessible introduction to the Social Work profession and its value to society. Essential reading for new students and those considering entering the profession, the text provides crucial information on: • the new range of training programmes and routes into social work, including Frontline; Step-Up; Think Ahead; • professional regulation, including assessment and accreditation for children’s social workers, and the role of BASW; • the latest legislation and professional guidance, including the Children and Social Work Act 2017, Care Act 2014; Putting Children first; • Knowledge and Skills statements, including QAA benchmark statement and the Professional Capabilities Framework; • practice differences between the UK’s four nations. If you are considering a social work qualification, this text explains the steps needed to realise your ambition. In addition, existing students will find clear guidance on the diversity of potential career paths available in the discipline.