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Spatium Upended - A Trilogy: Book 1


O.A Bravo

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Faith, science or metaphysics, questions abound while a vast, infinite and uncharted Cosmos, flourishes.

A vast, living, and breathing Universe proceeds unwittingly through the sniping, conflict, pain, birthing, and passing, leaving in its stead deprivation, destruction, life, beauty, and everlasting memories to which conscious and subconscious minds alike can relate.

Our varying belief systems lead us; we're also exposed to the Laws of Relativity, a great deal of whose collective mysteries remain unexplained. Spatium Upended - The Trilogy plows eons of light-years into the vast Cosmos to bridge the forces at play here on Earth with the invisible energy that controls it all from afar. 

As the three parts of this journey unfold, we will become willing partakers in the travails of this highly advanced Type-II civilization. The intricate plot lines will take us from a mostly Space Opera sub-genre to a trilogy finale deep in the trenches of a Cyberpunk world, faintly familiar to the one in which we currently live. 

Spatium Upended - A Trilogy is ideal for libraries, bulk purchases, homeschooling and young adults. An Epic Space Opera with enough scientific designs and concepts to last a dozen books or more. Boasting a grand twist in the third and final part of the series.

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Spiritual, Faith, Hard science fiction, SciFi, Space, Science Fiction