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Fantasie Erotique

A Collection of Three Steamy Stories

Angelina Iglesias

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Fantasie Erotique is a collection of three steamy stories about three young women giving in to their primal urges, exploring their sexuality and crossing the boundaries of sensuality into forbidden ecstasy.

Driftwood Cove

Lisa, a young woman who has recently divorced her abusive husband, finds herself starting anew in the serene beachside township of Driftwood Cove. She leaves behind the bustling city life of New York and begins working as a librarian, finding solace in books and the calming sound of waves crashing in the distance. 

One day, while sipping a hot cup of coffee at a local cafe, Lisa meets Dean, a middle-aged schoolteacher. They share a brief but meaningful conversation that sparks an instant connection between them. Soon after, they begin a romantic relationship that blossoms quickly, bringing newfound happiness to Lisa's life.

However, Lisa's past comes back to haunt her when Wayne, her abusive ex-husband, tracks her down to Driftwood Cove.


Harmony Grace is a breathtaking 27-year old strawberry blonde with piercing blue eyes. Her slim but curvaceous body attracts the notice of all the local men, and she uses her feminine wiles to sell them savory lunches from her food van, which is parked in an industrial area. As she struggles to keep up with the demand for her fare, she hires Melody Chalmer, a younger woman with sultry brown eyes and dark hair. Melody proves to be a hard worker and quickly becomes popular with their regular customers. But Harmony's urges are not so easily controlled, and she finds herself competing sexually with Melody and others at every turn.

Teacher's Pet

Francine Davies is a daring young woman, about to graduate from the prestigious Saint Josephine School for Girls. Although forbidden, Francine's attraction to her English teacher, Simon Wilson, proves to be too strong for her to resist. As their passionate connection builds, will their undeniable chemistry prove to be too much for either of them to handle?

Francine's forbidden obsession with her teacher drives her to take daring risks, as she explores the thrilling danger of their growing connection. This sexually charged novella plumbs the depths of passion and infatuation, as Francine follows her irresistible desire for her teacher.

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