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Tinderella Wants A Fella

A hilarious yet heartfelt tale of love, loss and the fear of never finding a soulmate

Matt Kelly

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“I don’t want to go through life and never fall in love. It’s what I’m scared of most.”That’s the constant fear that runs through Ella’s mind. She’d take crippling heartbreak at the end, just to experience unbridled love at the beginning.Her loved-up older sisters see only one solution. The traditional pathway to courtship has worn thin beneath Ella’s quests– it’s time to shake things up.Relocating her heart onto love’s electronic highway brings with it Fairy-tale dates, Gatsby-like parties, and a growing public profile as society’s hapless romantic.But will it bring Ella what she really wants?“Step aside, Mr Repressed-Man-Of-Few-Words-Aussie-Bloke, it seems love in the age of Tinder has found a far more emotive new voice.” - Sarrah Le Marquand, editor-in-chief of Stellar magazine."The ride will lift the heart.” – Emily Bourke, ABC journalist.

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