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Quantum Field Theory

An Integrated Approach

Eduardo Fradkin

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The only graduate-level textbook on quantum field theory that fully integrates perspectives from high-energy, condensed-matter, and statistical physics

Quantum field theory was originally developed to describe quantum electrodynamics and other fundamental problems in high-energy physics, but today has become an invaluable conceptual and mathematical framework for addressing problems across physics, including in condensed-matter and statistical physics. With this expansion of applications has come a new and deeper understanding of quantum field theory—yet this perspective is still rarely reflected in teaching and textbooks on the subject. Developed from a year-long graduate course Eduardo Fradkin has taught for years to students of high-energy, condensed-matter, and statistical physics, this comprehensive textbook provides a fully "multicultural" approach to quantum field theory, covering the full breadth of its applications in one volume.

  • Brings together perspectives from high-energy, condensed-matter, and statistical physics in both the main text and exercises
  • Takes students from basic techniques to the frontiers of physics
  • Pays special attention to the relation between measurements and propagators and the computation of cross sections and response functions
  • Focuses on renormalization and the renormalization group, with an emphasis on fixed points, scale invariance, and their role in quantum field theory and phase transitions
  • Other topics include non-perturbative phenomena, anomalies, and conformal invariance
  • Features numerous examples and extensive problem sets
  • Also serves as an invaluable resource for researchers

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Renormalization, Critical dimension, Faddeev–Popov ghost, Classical electromagnetism, Correspondence principle, Soliton, Topological order, Quantum Hall effect, Bose–Einstein statistics, Statistical mechanics, Expectation value (quantum mechanics), Perturbation theory (quantum mechanics), Quantum fluctuation, Scale invariance, Yang–Mills theory, Weyl semimetal, Effective action, Magnetic susceptibility, Scalar field theory, Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Instanton, Ising model, Feynman diagram, Canonical quantization, Quantum number, Global symmetry, Lagrangian (field theory), Quantum field theory, First-order partial differential equation, Universality class, Stress–energy tensor, Fermi–Dirac statistics, Energy level, Zero mode, WKB approximation, Gauge fixing, Canonical commutation relation, Creation and annihilation operators, Minimal subtraction scheme, Bessel function, Operator product expansion, Primary field, Continuous symmetry, Wilson loop, Chiral model, Correlation function (quantum field theory), Goldstone boson, Non-abelian, Fock space, Topological defect, Heisenberg picture, Length scale, Local symmetry, Harmonic oscillator, Sign convention, Imaginary time, Phase transition, Lorentz covariance, Path integral formulation, Dimensional regularization, Reciprocal lattice, Scaling dimension, Gauge theory, Continuous spectrum, Thermodynamic limit, Effective potential, Fermion, Propagator, Aharonov–Bohm effect, Galilean transformation, Dirac operator, Conformal field theory, Fermion doubling, Renormalization group, Two-dimensional space, Unitarity (physics), Equations of motion, Conservation law, Partition function (statistical mechanics), Vertex function, Minkowski space, Asymptotic freedom, Classical limit, Scalar field, Fermionic field, Dirac delta function, 1/N expansion, Anderson localization, Klein–Gordon equation, Spherical model, Dirac fermion, Chern–Simons theory, Ground state, Anyon, Compactification (physics), Self-energy, Coupling constant, Quantum mechanics, Schwinger model, Degrees of freedom (mechanics)