Pine Marten

The Secret Life of Martes martes

Dan Bagur

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Offering new insights into how they grow, learn and live, this book delves deep into the secretive behaviour of one of our rarest and most elusive mammals. It covers Pine Marten social interactions, courtship, mating, nesting and kit rearing, feeding and diet, as well as relationships with other wildlife. It also examines the considerable advantages of having these animals around and why it is in our interest to help them.

Pine Martens are slowly starting to increase their numbers and expand their range in Britain and Ireland as conservation efforts help them recover. There are now more sightings, while interest in what these animals do and why is greater than ever. This book uniquely uses photography to show (not tell) the reader all aspects of Pine Marten behaviour – uncovering these mammals’ private life and shining light into the darkness of the night. The candid images allow the reader to experience this magnificent animal close up as never before. Aimed at amateur naturalists and experts alike, this groundbreaking book provides fascinating observations and a wealth of information.



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