Spacecraft and Rockets

Photographs from the Archives of NASA

, Nirmala Nataraj

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Naturwissenschaften allgemein


Discover the remarkable NASA spacecraft that have captured our imaginations for decades.

The rockets, rovers, satellites, and space stations that have charted courses into space are depicted in beautiful color images and paired with engaging annotations. Complete with a preface by Bill Nye, this collection perfectly captures the wonder and science of space exploration. From the earliest Saturn and Gemini missions through the modern-day Artemis and HALO ships, these extraordinary spacecraft will fascinate anyone intrigued by science, history, and the mysteries of the beyond. 

CELEBRATE INNOVATION: Spacecraft and Rockets features fascinating images accompanied by expert explanations of the history and science of space exploration. This book is a unique celebration of the technological advances that have taught us so much about the universe and our place amongst the stars. 

NASA-APPROVED SPACE BOOK: Bearing the official imprimatur of the legendary space agency, this stellar hardcover volume provides a guided tour through the history of NASA's most exciting innovations and inventions. 

FOR THE CURIOUS MIND:  NASA’s beautifully documented space explorations inspire people of all ages, making this deluxe volume a wonderful gift for science enthusiasts, sci-fi fanatics, space-loving kids, and everyone in between.

Perfect for:

  • Science and technology buffs
  • Space lovers, stargazers, and spacecraft geeks
  • Sci-fi readers and anyone who dreams of one day going to space
  • Teachers, students, and parents
  • Photographers and photography enthusiasts