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International System

Theoretical Essays

Sidney Verba, Klaus Eugen Knorr

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


A sample of recent thinking in international relations theory, World Politics, October 1961, is offered also in a special hard-cover edition. Contributors: M.A. Kaplan, A.L. Burns, T.C. Schelling, R.E. Quandt, J.D. Singer, S. Verba, G. Modelski, F.W. Riggs, C. McClelland, S. Hoffmann.

Originally published in 1961.

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Balance of terror, Indication (medicine), Popular sovereignty, Inference, Nation state, Monopoly on violence, Trade barrier, Demobilization, New Thought, Adventurism, Law of war, International incident, Suggestion, Bribery, Reprisal, Conciliation, Calculation, Level of analysis, Ambiguity, National symbol, Protectionism, State immunity, Subversion, Thomas C. Schelling, Superpower, Proletarian internationalism, Aftermath of World War II, Third World, Diplomatic history, Great power, Arms control, Externalization, Total war, Rationality, Predictive power, War, Politics, Legitimacy (political), Pareto efficiency, International law, Thought, John Harsanyi, Logical extreme, Comparative research, Colonialism, Small power, Falsity, Comparative advantage, Annexation, Jurisdiction, Theory, International relations, Despotism, Brute fact, Know-how, Disclaimer, Pragmatism, Liberalism, Neocolonialism, Arbitration, Prediction, Political violence, Normative, Status Quo State, Disarmament, Vested interest (communication theory), Military occupation, Non-combatant, Explanation, Obsolescence, Nationalization, Power politics, Non-interventionism, Power vacuum, Politique, Imperialism, Limited war, Dictatorship, Military alliance, International crisis, Consideration, Ratification, Precedent, Treaty, Pacifism, Ideology, The Structure of Science, Robert A. Dahl, Negotiation, Theory of International Politics, Sovereignty, Externality, Foreign policy, Opportunism, Utilitarianism, Decision-making, Just war theory, Impossibility, Xenophobia, Determinism