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The Essential Guide to Rockpooling

Julie Hatcher, Steve Trewhella

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The marine environment is a remarkable place – otherworldly and a source of endless fascination. The rocky shore where land meets sea, its array of life ever-changing with the tides, offers us a chance to explore this hidden world.

This book reveals the astonishing diversity of wildlife on rocky shores and in the rockpools around the coast of Britain and gives readers a greater under-standing of the myriad creatures that can be found using a bit of simple detective work.

Rockpooling is an activity enjoyed by children and adults alike. This guide will make your exploration even more rewarding, whether you are enjoying a day out at the seaside or seeking to expand your knowledge of a unique habitat. ​​​​​​

  • Detailed descriptions of around 400 common and rare rocky shore species
  • Clear colour photographs of all the species described
  • Tips and techniques describing how to find the more cryptic animals
  • Ideas for rockpool-related family activities
  • Information on threats to the intertidal environment
  • Measures we can all take to safeguard the future of our rocky shore wildlife

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