Quantum Field Theory

A quantum computation approach

Yannick Meurice

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This book introduces quantum field theory models from a classical point of view. Practical applications are discussed, along with recent progress for quantum computations and quantum simulations experiments. New developments concerning discrete aspects of continuous symmetries and topological solutions in tensorial formulations of gauge theories are also reported.

Quantum Field Theory: A quantum computation approach requires no prior knowledge beyond undergraduate quantum mechanics and classical electrodynamics. With exercises involving Mathematica and Python with solutions provided, the book is an ideal guide for graduate students and researchers in high-energy, condensed matter and atomic physics.

Key Features

  • Introduces models from a symmetry point of view at the classical level
  • Includes the path-integral formulation used as the main quantization method
  • The quantum models are defined on space–time lattices with emphasis on the time continuum limit
  • Discrete tensor formulations are introduced from scratch
  • Provides quantum computations that require practical setups and approximations

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Quantum field theory, particle physics, quantum computing, symmetries, tensor networks, renormalization group, perturbation theory, real-time evolution, path-integral, lattice gauge theory, duality, character expansions, group theory