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Candy Cane Murder

Leslie Meier, Laura Levine, Joanne Fluke, et al.

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’Tis the season for suspicion in these three Christmas crime-solving confections—with recipes! “Entertaining…a sweet holiday treat for mystery lovers.”—Publishers Weekly

’Tis the season for trimming the tree, caroling, baking cookies, and waiting for Santa to drop down the chimney. But in this festive collection of whodunits, murder is also paying a visit…

Candy Cane Murder by New York Times-bestselling author Joanne Fluke
When a trail of candy canes leads to a corpse outfitted in a Santa suit on a snowy bank, Hannah Swensen sets out to discover who killed Kris Kringle…

The Dangers of Candy Canes by Laura Levine
A wealthy suburbanite takes a lethal tumble off his roof while installing a giant candy cane. Now it’s up to Jaine Austen to sift through a long list of scheming neighbors with dirty secrets in their stockings to expose a murderer…

Candy Canes Of Christmas Past by New York Times-bestselling author Leslie Meier
Lucy Stone must learn the mystery of a glass candy cane found smashed to bits near a corpse—to unlock the doors of Christmas past and find a killer who got away with murder.

Includes over 10 luscious holiday recipes!

Scrumptious praise for Candy Cane Murder:

“Like a box of holiday chocolates, this recipe-studded assortment gives all readers a crack at their favorites.”— Kirkus Reviews

“Delicious…will have your mouth watering.”— Romantic Times

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