Shooting Iron

J.A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur



The latest novel in a thundering new western adventure series centering on one man's battle to carve out justice one bullet at a time in the untamed territories of Colorado.

One of the deadliest, crime-infested towns in Colorado Territory, Devil’s Gulch needed more than a sheriff. They needed a gunslinger. So they pinned a badge on hardcase lawman John Holt. And the rest is history. . . .
When the Devil Escapes
As the town’s new sheriff, John Holt achieved the impossible: He drove the devil out of Devil’s Gulch. Corrupt, cutthroat rancher Joe Mullen—who ruled the land with an iron fist—is finally behind bars, all thanks to Sheriff Holt. But the tables are turned when Mullen manages to overturn his prison wagon and make his escape—with an army of prisoners, outlaws, and lowlifes to do his bidding. . . .
All Hell Breaks Loose.
It doesn’t take long for the streets of Devil’s Gulch to run red with blood. Again. Or for Holt to be marked for death. Again. But this time, the sheriff’s up against more than a hundred men—all of them gunning for him—and his only allies are an all-too-young deputy, an all-too-angry farmer, and a wayward wagon cook. With odds this bad, Holt is sure of only one thing: when you shoot at the devil, it’s best not to miss.



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