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Assisted Living Administration and Management

Effective Practices and Model Programs in Elder Care

Cristina Flores, Darlene Yee-Melichar, Andrea Renwanz Boyle, et al.

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Assisted Living Administration and Management: Effective Practices and Model Programs in Elder Care 2nd Edition provides students and healthcare professionals with the most up to date and essential knowledge on assisted living and residential care. This comprehensive text empowers current and future assisted living administrators to employ effective practices, understand model programs, and learn the necessary tools and tips to maximize the overall health, safety, and comfort of residents in their care. Organized by domains of practice, it also covers content information required to prepare for state-based Residential Care and Assisted Living (RC/AL) administrator certification or licensure exams.

The textbook is structured in five parts which instruct on how to build and manage effective assisted living and residential care communities, beginning with Organizational Management and progressing through Human Resources, Business and Financial Management, Environmental Management, and Resident Care Management. The second edition includes six new chapters on evolving topics, such as interprofessional practice, home and community-based services (HCBS) as alternatives to assisted living, information and communication technology (ICT), LGBT issues, memory care units, and palliative and hospice care. Chapters feature learning objectives, case studies, effective practices, and more enabling students and healthcare professionals to evaluate, analyze, and synthetize information on how to best operate, manage, and lead assisted living communities. Useful for any long-term care and health management professional or student in the fields of gerontology, health administration, and long-term care administration, this comprehensive book covers the most crucial aspects of assisted living and residential care management—the most abundant and fastest growing senior living line of service in the United States.

    Key Features:
  • Describes real-life situations and challenges associated with Assisted Living Administration with pragmatic solutions which highlight the most effective practices and model programs in elder care
  • Contains new chapters on interprofessional practice, home and community-based services (HCBS) as an alternative to assisted living, information and communication technology (ICT), LGBT issues, memory care units, palliative and hospice care
  • Highlights useful details on business and financial management, including guidelines for marketing facilities and services, important legal issues and terms, and evolving public policy issues
  • Incorporates chapters on environmental management, with information on accessibility, fire safety, disaster preparedness, universal design and aging in place, and much more
  • Emphasizes the importance of holistic, resident care management by examining the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging
  • Prepares students to qualify and sit for the state certification or licensure examination as Assisted Living Administrators
  • Includes access to the fully downloadable eBook and instructor resources including a test bank

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