China Is Not Our Enemy

Jodie Evans, Mikaela Nhondo Erskog

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With President Biden recently describing the Chinese premier Xi Jinping as “a dictator,” the shooting down of Chinese balloons in US airspace, the increasing of US military aid to Taiwan, and the banning of US exports of microchips to China, the American drumbeat for a new cold war with the world’s second largest economy is getting ever louder.

This new found aggression towards China is profoundly mistaken, in the view of authors Jodie Evans and Mikaela Nhondo Erskog. Their crisply focused and richly informative new book, based on years of first-hand experience and extensive research, lays out an accessible history of China, examines its culture and current economic strategy, and in particular focuses on the outlook of the younger generation. It concludes that  a strategy of peaceful co-existence will be far more beneficial for working people in both countries, especially for the many Chinese Americans resident in the US, and vital in reducing the risk of a cataclysmic military confrontation between two nuclear powers.  



weapons of mass destruction, US warmongering, authoritarianism, capitalism, eastern history, chinese economy, nuclear weapons, modernization, trade with china, global south, Chinese culture