The Chief Event Officer’s Playbook

How to create transformational events

Sasha Frieze

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Explore the art and science of how to create and curate transformational events

In an age of deep fakes and misinformation, business and professional events are more important than ever before. Live events are where real people have authentic conversations, where trust can flourish. They convene communities, create connections and host conversations, and ultimately they can change the world.

Events have been elevated around the boardroom table: they’re no longer simply a cost centre, but drivers of revenue and purpose. They have the power to inspire world leaders, change government policy and transform the conversation in sectors from immunology to indigenous rights. But creating such purposeful, transformational events is a strategic, not a tactical undertaking. The Chief Event Officer’s Playbook sets out a blueprint for designing the new generation of events: envisioning the narrative, articulating the purpose and curating the content.

Drawing on her decades of experience across a wide range of events - media-owned, commercial events, corporate, non-profit and association – Sasha Frieze has created the essential guide for CevOs, aspiring CevOs, Event Directors and Planners, CMOs, boards and anyone involved in delivering business and professional events.



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