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The Love Fragments

Eleni Cay

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Short description:

Katie, a 28-year-old living with Multiple Sclerosis, has graduated with a PhD in psychology and is ready to start her career. Katie's fiancée Mark nursed her back to health and now just wants kids. In an attempt to spice up their relationship, Katie plunges into social media dating, but the experiment makes her lose Mark and her sense of self.

Longer description:

London, 2035: Dr Katie Kuznetsov is a tech-savvy, fresh graduate who's wrestling with Multiple Sclerosis and is starting her climb up the academic ladder. While watching her parents' marriage fall apart, she's battling the old-fashion ideas of her analog-loving fiancée Mark. Katie attempts to spice up her relationship with social media dating. She meets mysterious businessman Aron, and leaves Mark for the promise of a perfect relationship. At first Aron seems like an ideal boyfriend, but his constant disappearances and lack of communication make Katie doubt her sense of self. When Katie discovers his secret, her life splinters into micro-aggressions and lies. In addition, she battles a relapse of Multiple Sclerosis, her parents' untimely divorce, and the breakdown of her relationship with old friends. Can Katie restore her faith in the integrity of people she meets online and off? Will she be able to piece her life back together and repair her belief in the wholeness of love?



heartbreak, social media, illness, betrayal, technology, love