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A Fool's Journey

Book V, The Hierophant

Mark R Pannebecker

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


It’s Fashion Week, New York, 1984, and 24-year-old St. Louis suburbanite Benjamin Porter is tapped into the most exclusive shows, parties, and clubs in one of the most exciting cities in the world. His success with the Aries Retail Apparel Group has opened the door to an influential contact into the fashion world. John Paul Bennett, AKA The Pope, is the VP of merchandising and is known by all the movers and shakers, and he has taken Ben under his wing. The Pope is powerful and persuasive, and he teaches Ben about the pros of the religion of Capitalism. In just seven days Ben sees all the benefits of a Yuppie lifestyle and it cements his desire to be wealthy and a key player in the company. He shuns the artist class, the working class, and the poor. The decisions he makes now and the new attitude he adopts will affect his journey and put him on a whole new path from which he may never fully recover.

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Mark R Pannebecker



80's, Literary, Bildungsroman, New York, Tarot