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Just in Time

Doris Gaines Rapp

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In Just in Time, the first book in the new cozy mystery series Murder, She Blogged, Clisty Sinclair’s romance with police sergeant Jake Davis is growing as fast as her career. She constantly worries how she’ll keep up with everything. From being a local newscaster and the super blogger of Fort Wayne, her life suddenly explodes.   The CEO of the Bryson News Network in New York discovers her blog when Clisty posts updates about Faith Sterling’s escape after ten years in captivity, and the trial of her kidnapper that follows. BNN’s boss is so impressed with her work he offers Clisty a contract that catapults her into the fast-paced world of network television journalism.   In the beginning, it’s hard for Clisty to celebrate her new gold-plated job. It involves a move to New York City, away from the family she loves and Jake whom she would love more deeply if her compulsive, in-charge nature allowed her. She thought she had to control everything around her. Remember, the abductor snatched Clisty along with Faith, when they were both nine years old, but Clisty managed to pull away and hid. She had almost a lifetime of fear to overcome.   Still, she knew anyone would feel blessed if offered a fantastic job with triple points in the contract. The contract includes BNN’s financial underwriting of her blog, Crime Beat from the Heartland; publication of her True Crime novels; and her own segment, Stories from the Heartland, on their popular program, American News Magazine. Clisty’s Heartland stories help change broadcast journalism from a constant focus on the negative, to a positive spotlight on ordinary people doing extraordinary things to benefit others. The first Heartland Hero she schedules is actually a couple, Dr. Karl Kramer, who created a convenient medical aid with universal appeal, and his wife, Professor Karen Kramer, who programmed it. Clisty, her producer and their camera man tape an interview with the couple a few days before Karen’s attack; before a stalker turns up at Clisty’s front door; and before the murder of a product-tester for the device. These events create a need to hire Jake as Clisty’s body guard and over-all security.   Clisty calls on her blog followers to help add light to the darkness by reporting any research they find that may solve the crimes. Could the Kramers amazing new medical “Buddy” be the cause of the murder and mysterious attacks the news team encounters?   Clisty must learn to move at the new rapid tempo; solve the mysteries that surround her; overcome her fears from the past; and secretly keep the new love in her life, Jake Davis, at the center of her whirlwind. Secret? Clisty’s life is as complicated as yours. ~Just in Time continues the story of blogger and news anchor, Clisty Sinclair, first introduced in the prequel, News at Eleven – A Novel.

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cozy mysteries, media studies, medical devices, Christian romance, creative crafts and inventions