Building Transformational Kindness in Schools

A Guide for Teachers and Leaders

Hope E. Wilson

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Being kind in education is about much more than being nice. This unique book shows how transformational kindness needs to be an explicit, essential part of classroom and school culture in order to improve student success. Author Hope E. Wilson offers practical steps for creating a culture of transformational kindness through your approach to classroom management, relationships, assessment, and the content areas. She also demonstrates how to build kindness toward colleagues, parents, and families, and what to do in situations where supervisors are not so supportive. Finally, she describes how you can show more kindness toward yourself, including by giving grace.Throughout this book, you'll find vignettes about the educators who have influenced their own communities through transformational kindness. You'll come away feeling inspired and encouraged to imagine a world in which schools are places where kindness and humanity are felt by all.

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