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Stardust Trail

A Nate Ross Novel

J.R. Sanders

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Against his better judgment, Hollywood-hating private investigator Nate Ross takes on a Tinseltown case in the spring of 1938. It sounds like a milk run: find an alcoholic screenwriter whose absence is stalling production on Republic Pictures’ latest Western.

But when the missing rummy turns up dead, and Nate learns that somebody’s going to lethal lengths to keep Stardust Trail from being made, his simple case becomes far more complex, and deadly. He finds himself traveling in unfamiliar territory: the world of  B-movie cowboys, and the lines between the “reel” West and the real West begin to blur as Nate wrangles a twisted case of murder and sabotage pointing back nearly forty years to a bloody, real-life “Wild West” crime.

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hollywood, tinsletown, western, historic, john wayne