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101 Tips for Digital Travel Photography

Methods to achieve artistic travel images

Satish Menon

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101 Tips for Digital Travel Photography


Satish Menon

"In 101 Tips for Digital Travel Photography, Satish Menon has created a superb and comprehensive guide to digital photography. While aimed at the travel photographer, folks doing all types of photography will learn a ton from Satish. All the bases are covered, from pre-trip planning to picking your keepers and optimizing your best images.

There are literally dozens of helpful tips on packing and traveling with your gear, scouting new locations, seeing, understanding, and using the light, tips on focusing, image design, choosing the best perspective, sensor cleaning, and more. It is obvious that Satish has worked long and hard at this craft; thus, the guide is illustrated with many fine images. Some of the nighttime city-scapes are stunning, there are lots of very fine landscape images, and there is a Great Blue Heron silhouette that I love as well.

Kudos to Satish for a job well done. 101 Tips ... is a must read for all photographers."

- Arthur Morris, World's Premier Bird Photographer and author of

"101 Tips for Digital Travel Photography is a virtual compendium of travel photography. From gear to vision and beyond, this is recommended for travel photographers of all levels."

- Tony Sweet, Nikon Legend Behind the Lens and author of Fine Art Digital Nature Photography -


By travel photography, I mean photography that includes an element of travel, ranging from a day trip a few hours away from home, to a week long road trip hundreds of miles away from home, or an airplane trip to a different country. Planning the trip, packing the right gear, using the right image capture methods and post-processing them once you are back, all require attention. Almost all of my photography over the last fifteen years, has been travel photography. It includes landscape, wildlife, street and night photography. Consequently, the ideas that I present here will include all these types of travel photography.

I have been studying and practicing serious photography for over fifteen years. In this book, I present the very best practical ideas (so far) that I have stumbled upon or learned from others. If your idea of travel photography is using your cell phone or point-n-shoot camera to speedily snap record shots of the places you've visited, this book is not for you. This is intended for the serious, whose goal is to produce quality photographs worthy of fine art prints, or online/print publication.

I have organized the travel photography tips in this book, into these sections:

  • Before you go
  • Packing your camera bag
  • Aerial photography from your airplane
  • Once you are there
  • Light
  • Exposure
  • Focus
  • Camera Position
  • Composition
  • Post Production
  • Questions from Followers
  • My Concluding Message to you

In general, no section depends on a prior section. Therefore, you may read these tips in any order.

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