Black in Fashion

100 Years of Style, Influence & Culture

Tonya Blazio-Licorish, , Tara Donaldson, et al.

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A stunning and comprehensive look at the indelible contribution of Black designers, models, scene-makers, and stylists to fashion, from “the bible of fashion”—WWD.

Black in Fashion is a celebration of Black voices in fashion as captured by Women’s Wear Daily contributors and photographers since the publication’s inception in 1910. WWD is showcased here with more than 375 black-and-white and color photographs, illustrations, and articles from its massive archive. The book, written by Tonya Blazio-Licorish and Tara Donaldson, explores the contributions of trailblazing designers like Stephen Burrows and Virgil Abloh, whose philosophy inspired a new generation to interact with fashion differently; pioneering models like Naomi Sims, who in 1969 at age twenty-one launched Naomi Inc., a cosmetics company catering to Black women; and celebrities and multi-hyphenates like Josephine Baker, whose approach to fashion in the 1920s single-handedly changed and challenged the influence of Black culture on a global scale. In-depth profiles on Black creatives throughout the fashion world—and on key topics such as the Black is Beautiful movement—punctuate the lavish pages as well, in addition to original interviews with notables and a foreword from acclaimed American designer Tracy Reese. Black in Fashion is an incomparable celebration of Black fashion from the ultimate voice of authority.

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