Illuminating Nature: Chasing Light across the Landscape

Jon Reynolds

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Fotografie, Film, Video, TV


Discover the beauty of the American landscape through a dazzling tapestry of more than 60 stunning photographs.

Jon Reynolds is a seeker. As a child, he spent countless hours searching for the source of the creek on his grandfather’s Central Kentucky farm. In adulthood, he has spent more than a decade traversing the United States in search of the perfect shot. For Reynolds, photography is a pursuit of love: for the mountains and rivers, sunrises and sunsets, the stars and the moon in the night sky. In Illuminating Nature, his mesmerizing photographs—waves crashing on Acadia’s Boulder Beach, the icy expanse of the South Dakota Badlands, a solar eclipse tracking above Arches National Park—invite the viewer to share in this admiration. Complete with the photographer’s reflections on the peace we find in nature, the importance of planning and equal power of serendipity, and his tips for getting that photo, Illuminating Nature is a testament to seeking to understand and illuminate the beauty that surrounds us all.

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