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Beyond the Wooden Gate

The Road That Leads to Life

Patricia Wastler Lewis

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Has one ever imagined what it would be like for an angel to be sent as an emissary by the command of God? Beyond the Wooden Gate gives us a glimpse into the mission of an angel sent to earth to save an old lady's soul.

Celeste Terra is an elderly woman whose mother has suddenly passed away. A Christian, she becomes angry with God for his abrupt taking of her mother. Satan has traipsed into Celeste's soul, leading her into bitter grief and denouncing her faith in God.

But God has a plan for Celeste Terra: his plan to redeem her heart. He has given his instruction to his angelic messenger; this child must remember guidance from a loved one.

And so Celeste Terra's journey begins, from resentment to repentance. As Celeste recalls a childhood story her mother had shared with her as a young girl, she takes to heart its message.

God gives us choices; the small gate at the narrow road or the wide gate at the broad road. Beyond the wooden gate, which road will Celeste Terra choose?

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