What Makes a World-Class School and How We Can Get There

James H. Stronge, Xianxuan Xu

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For years, students in the United States have lagged behind students in many other countries on such measures of achievement as the PISA and TIMSS assessments. In an increasingly globalized world, such a gap is worrisome. Armed with statistics, examples, and cautionary tales from Scandinavia to Japan, James H. Stronge and Xianxuan Xu have written a book that can help educators better prepare students and close that gap.In What Makes a World-Class School and How We Can Get There, you will findCareful analysis of recent international assessment results-what they mean and what can be done to improve them.In-depth profiles of high-achieving education systems around the globe-their histories, their lessons learned, and what they can teach educators and policymakers in the United States.Strategies for aligning successful educational approaches from international systems to U.S. schools-which strategies to use, in which subjects, and with which students.Transformative ideas for cultivating a truly world-class system of schooling-both simple and complex ways to raise the bar for all students, no matter what their background.Educators in every country must ensure that their students are as prepared as possible to lead a future generation of citizens. This thought-provoking and copiously researched book provides educators with a blueprint for radical improvement based on the hard-learned experiences of their peers around the world.