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Highland Guard

Hannah Howell

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A lady’s secret threatens her land—and reunites her with the man she loves—in this historical Scottish romance by the New York Times bestselling author.

Years ago, Lady Annys MacQueen deceived her own people in order to keep her land safe. But now, with Glencullaich on the brink of war, a cruel kinsman threatens to expose the truth. To shield her young son from the sword and her people from devastation, Annys must once again turn to the one man she could never forget...

Sir Harcourt Murray lives for duty and honor. So when a laird saved his life, he agreed to father a child with the man’s wife...Lady Annys. When the lovely widow come to him once again, the passion he still feels for her is as all-consuming and perilous as the need to secure her lands. But convincing her that his love is real will require confronting her most wrenching fears—and putting everything they treasure most at stake.

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