Fourth Millennium

Blair Yerxa

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Five U.S. Air Force adventurers depart aboard "Anti-Grav One," from a secret desert location. The year is 2013 and their mission includes the testing of Albert Einstein's "Theory of General Relativity." They are primarily concerned with its "Time/Speed Continuum" projections. The astronauts expect to return from their five day, near warp-speed, mission with the passage of only a few weeks of earth-time. When they land on the coast of california they are shocked to find that more than a thousand years have passed on their home planet. What follows is the author's perception of what they will find in the year 3030, the Fourth Millennium. Sorry, no further clues as to what these dramatic changes will be. Naturally, this story touches on the young astronauts personal individual experiences, including developing love affairs--: it is a novel. Far beyong these intrigues, the primary message is one of hope and a positive view of the future for us all. There is, however, a faint hint of foreboding as the story closes. I am thoroughly convinced that this, or something quite similar, is what lies ahead for us all in the FOURTH MILLENNIUM.