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What Cinema Is!

Bazin's Quest and its Charge

Dudley Andrew

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What Cinema Is! offers an engaging answer to Andre Bazin'sfamous question, exploring his 'idea of cinema' with a sweepinglook back at the near century of Cinema's phenomenal ascendancy. * Written by one of the foremost film scholars of our time * Establishes cinema's distinction from the current enthusiasmover audio-visual entertainment, without relegating cinema to asingle, older mode * Examines cinema's institutions and its social force through thequalities of key films * Traces the history of an idea that has made cinema supremelyalive to (and in) our times


Eric Smoodin, University of California at Davis
"With this elegant volume, Dudley Andrew brilliantly continues hisextended project of producing a historiography of film theory andof French cinema. He has given us a book worthy of AndréBazin's intelligence, originality, curiosity, andspirit."
Edward Branigan, University of California at SantaBarbara
"A new slant on Bazin with fresh disclosures for our era ofdigital media is always welcome, especially from Dudley Andrew,Bazin's foremost expositor. Andrew's graceful and analyticprose is peppered with timely provocations of his own, startingwith the Preface. Made manifest throughout is the continuingrelevance of Bazin's devotion to cinema and compassion forhumanity."
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