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Script for Scandal

Renee Patrick

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Sleuthing duo Lillian Frost and Edith Head investigate a behind-the-scenes scandal in this delightful Golden Age of Hollywood mystery.

1939, Los Angeles. Lillian Frost is shocked when her friend, glamorous costume designer Edith Head, hands her the script to a new film that's about to start shooting. Streetlight Story is based on a true crime: the California Republic bank robbery of 1936. Lillian's beau, LAPD detective Gene Morrow, was one of the officers on the case; his partner, Teddy, was tragically shot dead.

It seems the scriptwriter has put Gene at the centre of a scandal, twisting fact with fiction - or has he? With Gene reluctant to talk about the case, the movie quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town, a suspicious death on the Paramount studio lot and the police reopening the investigation into Teddy's death, Lillian is determined to find answers. Can Lillian and Edith uncover the truth of what happened that fateful day and clear Gene's name?


t want to end
Vibrant, stylish and crackling, <i>Design for Dying</i> is both a gift to devotees of Golden Age Hollywood and a mystery lover's delight. It's a delicious cocktail, one you won'

The story is intricate and surprising, and the partnership between Head and her good friend Frost sets the stage for many further adventures

The warm working relationship that develops between Lillian and Edith will leave readers eager to see more of their adventures
s golden age . Sure to delight fans of old Hollywood and Turner Classic Movies
A champagne-flavored frolic of a first mystery set during Hollywood'

An exhilarating ride through Hollywood in its heyday . Lovers of old movies, fabulous gowns, and historical gossip will be enchanted
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