The Children of the White Tree

Brady Barrett and the Firstlings Assignment

J. F. Gates

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Seven children Assigned to save the Earth Ridiculous? Yes Impossible? No Not when the seven receive special gifts from the King. Then, anything is possible! An ancient evil has risen in the realms of the universe. The Dark Lord, Gribbain, the most feared sorcerer in the realms, has been released from his long prison exile to walk unhindered in his evil pursuit to rule them all. Long ago, Gribbain promised vengeance against his nemeses, Essais of Kenrith and Ameth of Naveah. Above all else, he intends to fulfill that promise. He is Destroyer, and he will live up to his name. But Ameth the Just, the Most High Ruler of the Realms, has chosen a peculiar army to overthrow Gribbain. He has chosen children. Brady Barrett and six others will join together in a quest to save the realms from Gribbains planned reign of terror, whether they want to or not. Unbeknown to Gribbain, his top aide, Belthryd of Oricus, fancies himself as the true Dark Lord, destined to take Gribbains place. His plan includes the creation of the most hideous and fiendish monsters ever imagined. Creatures of incredible strength and intelligence formed in the dark belly of the Underworld. The Seven, a nickname by which Brady and the other six become known, are caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an enemy they have never heard of, and from which they might not escape. Only the Most High Ruler knows the importance of convincing the Seven that their services are desperately needed in order for the powerful Navean Army to win the war. The Seven have powerful gifts given to them by the Most High Ruler, gifts they were never aware ofgifts that, in the end, could destroy them.