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Lulu Cracks the Case

Melody Kelly

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


It's time to embark on yet another exciting adventure with Lulu, the young British house mouse turned detective, as she solves a new mystery in Lulu Cracks the Case, book two in The Lulu Mystery Series by Melody Kelly. After a thrilling and unexpected journey in Lulu at The Louvre, the first book in the series, Lulu has found a happy, new life with her family and friends at The Louvre Museum in Paris. She is delighted with her work as a junior detective. However, there is one lingering problem. There are still some who believe that her beloved Miss stole a painting from Claude Monet. Lulu is determined to uncover the truth and prove that Miss was no thief. 

Come along with Lulu on this wondrous adventure that will take her from The Louvre all the way back to her home in England as she searches for the truth about the painting. It's a journey that requires courage and cleverness. Does Lulu have what it takes to crack the case?

This early chapter book for young readers is an engaging read-aloud story for classrooms, at-home bedtime reading, or interactive reading with family or friends. It's a cozy mystery that is perfect for readers who enjoy stories of courage, adventure, and friendship.  

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