The Secret Deceptions of Love and Lies

S. E. Goodwin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Fortyyear-old Dulcey Patterson discovers that someone is collecting funds using her mothers social security number. The only problem is that her mother died in 1963. Who is this imposter? Dulcey thinks she saw her mother breathing in the casket, but was that just the distraught hope of a grieving five-year-old who just lost her mother? Was it possible that her mother was alive? Follow the trail of Dulceys new relationship as Jesses PI friend helps her to uncover the truth, from the city life in Chicago to the mountains of New Hampshire and onto a small town in western Pennsylvania that is barely a dot on the map. Find out what lies beneath The Secret Deceptions of Love and Lies and how one womans choices affected so many.