Fragile Paradise

Pamela Boone Miller

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Alexa Randolph, a wealthy but lonely young widow, reluctantly agrees to join the former business partner of her late husband on an idyllic getaway to a tropical paradisean island where turquoise water laps onto dazzling white beaches, palm trees sway in cool trade winds, and wafting scents of exotic flowers fill the air. Once there, falling in love with a man she meets by chance is a surprise, but suddenly finding herself running for her very life is even more surprisingthe last thing she expects to happen. In Matt Keaton, a wealthy entrepreneur, Alexa finds the very things she wants mostlove and family. Her joy is shortlived when she unwittingly trusts the wrong person and becomes ensnared in a perilous alliance that leads her to the brink of losing everythingincluding her life. For Matt, business has always been a priority. However, from the moment he sees Alexa Randolph aboard the luxury liner that carries them to the South Pacific, he is captivated. His passion moves from his career to his pursuit of Alexa. Matts ordered world is turned upside down, though, when he discovers the danger surrounding her. Can he protect her from the ominous menace that stalks her?

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