Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity

Jason B. Ohler

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A must-read for incorporating digital literacy into your classroom! As the saying goes, "e;If you want someone to remember something, tell them a story."e; But if you really want your students to remember what they learn, then let them create their own digital stories.Digital storytelling empowers your students to be confident communicators and creators of media as they gain essential 21st-century literacy skills and reach deeper understandings in all areas of the curriculum. Aligned with refreshed ISTE and Common Core standards, this new edition of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom includes:Practical techniques for combining storytelling with your curriculum contentTips for exploring effective storytelling principles through emerging digital media as well as via traditional literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking, and artInformation on relevant copyright and fair use lawsVisual aids and video clips that illustrate best practices in multimedia compositionA world leader in digital storytelling and a lifelong digital humanist, author Jason Ohler opens the door to a new world of creative teaching and learning for you and your students. Praise for the first edition:"e;Ohler illuminates the very heart of learning and digital technology: storytelling. His is the story of how the networked computer amplifies our human capacity to learn through tools of expression."e;-Walter Bender, PresidentOne Laptop per Child Foundation"e;Essential for integrating learning, literacy, and new media in and out of the classroom. Jason Ohler is a world leader in digital storytelling, and a master teacher, and a global communicator."e;-Bernard J. Luskin, Professor and Director of Media ProgramsFielding Graduate University