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Selling Your Company Now!

David Meade

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Are you about to acquire or sell a business? Do you have a good Seller's Due Diligence Package? This is what this book is all about—it will give you everything you need to sell your business. When it's time to sell your business, you want to achieve a maximum price, a minimum level of closing costs and the shortest length of due diligence time and closing time possible. Those are the seller's objectives. In order to accomplish this you must provide the buyer with a proper Due Diligence Package. In this book the author goes through, step by step, all of the items needed to package and present your business properly.This book will help you prepare for what could be the most important negotiations in your life. This book has nailed it with lots of key factors to consider and ultimately implement before and during the sales process of your company. Having key documents in place is really crucial so that you are not stressed with everything that needs to be thought about and covered during the process. This book is your advisor. Read this book before and during the sale or purchase of a business. The book will help you avoid some very expensive mistakes. Each deal is different so you need to go into it with as much knowledge as you can get. This book is a great eye-opener to this complex process and provides you with very critical information. This book is a good place to start turning your dream into a reality. SELLING YOUR COMPANY NOW is written mainly for business owners as a guide to selling their business. In clear, thoughtful language, the book manages to take the principles inherent in an ideal "exit strategy" for any business — and make them coherent, accurate and helpful. The insights offered within apply to every size business, from the smallest to the largest. They are fundamental principals that must not be ignored, except at the peril of the seller—and the buyer.

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