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Mysterious Islands

David Meade

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The reader will experience international intrigue at its best. Mysterious Islands takes the reader on a grand adventure which begins on a mountaintop and ends in the islands of the Caribbean and South Pacific. The book draws the reader into higher levels of knowledge of how the intelligence world works and how international private investigations are conducted. An intelligence operative is forced to retire because he knows too much, and begins a private life under a new name. Only his private life becomes more complex and dangerous than his former was. In addition, this full-length novel takes its readers into a tale of suspense as the leading characters attempt to solve a fascinating series of puzzles. The plot allows the reader to escape into a series of romantic locations with a cast of characters. The book is a page-turner that will provide the readers with an in-depth knowledge of each island, while drawing them closer and closer into the truth.