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Cordi O'Callaghan Mysteries 4-Book Bundle

Crazy Dead / Dying for Murder / Innocent Murderer / and 1 more

Suzanne F. Kingsmill

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Suzanne Kingsmill’s acclaimed murder mysteries, starring quirky zoologist-turned-sleuth Cordi O’Callaghan, is back and better than ever. This special bundle gathers all four books in one.

Crazy Dead
Struggling to escape the sticky blackness of a clinical depression, zoologist Cordi O’Callaghan is admitted to a psychiatric ward in Toronto. As she slowly recovers, one of the patients goes missing. Cordi must convince a skeptical staff that the woman has been murdered, and solve the case while healing her mind.

Dying for Murder
When zoologist Cordi O’Callaghan sets off for a remote research station off the coast of South Carolina, she expects to study birdsong in tranquility, but ends up stumbling into a hurricane, and murder.

Innocent Murderer
Zoology professor Cordi O’Callaghan becomes entangled in the deaths of two of her fellow passengers aboard the Susanna Moodie, a tourist ship in the Canadian Arctic. The fatalities are ruled accidental, but Cordi suspects they’re anything but.

Forever Dead
Zoology professor Cordi O’Callaghan keeps one stumble ahead of a murderer as she follows a path littered with motives.

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