Professor Yish Kabibble in the Curse of the Scruttles

Jacqueline Delaney

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Upon arriving home from work one day, Professor Yish Kabibble receives a rather mysterious letter, requesting he attend an appointment in Kookaburra Woods the following day at ten oclock. Despite the puzzling nature of the note, the professor cant help but show up, wondering who on earth would send him a royal invitation. Soon, Professor Kabibble finds himself the unwilling recruit of an ancient army sergeanta representative of the underworld society known as the Scruttles. The Scruttles have fallen under a curse that threatens the survival of their secret race, and the professor is their only hope. To save them, however, Yish will risk more than just his scientific reputation In the subterranean world of the Scruttles, Professor Yish Kabibble must face a host of strange underworld creatures and life-threatening hazards to lift the curse. Only he can deliver their world into harmony and its former glory. Only he can bring the Scruttles back from annihilation. But will he fulfill his destiny, or will he too be swallowed by the curse of the Scruttles?