The Way Back

Marilyn DeMars

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Jody gets a tip as to the whereabouts of her long-lost brother, Don. Ever since he took off eight years ago, when he was nineteen and she fourteen, she's missed him and worried about him incessantly. Finding him now and bringing him back to their home in Winona, Minnesota becomes her obsession. She persuades her boss, Elliot, to take a break from his failing motel business and go with her on the up-north trip. Due to some unexpected circumstances, a simple plan turns desperate and crazy. Returning home does not prove to be everyone's solace. Besides the brother and sister each having a nagging past that won't leave them alone, and an uncertain future to face, Jody struggles to reestablish their once close sibling relationship. Unusual obstacles work in strange ways toward keeping all of them, Jody, Don, and Elliot, searching for resolutions toward stable and meaningful lives.

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