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Gifted or Just Plain Smart

How the Landscape of Teaching Has Changed for Parents and Teachers

Audrey M. Quinlan

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The 2nd edition of Gifted or Just Plain Smart? was revised to address the vast changes in the post COVID educational environment. It is designed to be a useful guide for all who work with gifted school-age children: parents, teachers, principals, and pre-service teachers in university settings. It covers gifted education from its origins and theories to the practical use of current technology at home or in the school. It also addresses strategies to recognize and develop overlooked gifted students such as those who are twice exceptional, those from diverse underserved populations, and those with a variety of gender issues, including students who identify with LGBTQ+ communities. It is an updated practical how-to manual with examples, anecdotes, real-life comments, and includes a guide to free resources.

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Transgender gifted students, Home Schooling, smart kids, Asperger syndrome, Gifted Challenges, gifted teachers