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Bright Lights and Promises

Monique Dionne

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Twenty-five-year-old Diana is not an average exotic dancer. She is a businesswoman who has found both a special calling and a silent rebellion while strutting on the stage for an audience of men who would give just about anything for a night with her. Diana is clearly the sexiest dancer in the Las Vegas club, and her talents have not gone unnoticed by the man who quietly watches her from the shadows. Crispin, a fallen angel-human hybrid derived from the mysterious and mythical Nephilim race, is torn between his humanity and restless demon spirit. For ten years, he has managed to keep his dark secret under wraps while hiding behind his phony identity as a financial consultant. But everything changes when he visits the club where Diana dances. Captivated by Dianas performance, he asks her for a private dance and sets into motion a chain of events that will leave Diana torn between loving Crispinwho by all accounts is eviland her love of God. In this supernatural romance, only time will tell if a demon hybrid and an exotic dancer can find true love amid a forbidden romance that leads them both down a path they never imagined.

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