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I Dreamt About It

Yastika Singh

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Embark on an exciting journeyfrom a presidential race to a chess tournament with nunneries, harrowing races, and crime fighting in betweenthrough the mind of a young dreamer and her many stories. Yastika Singh intends to prove that every kid can be whatever he or she wants to be as long as he or she shows courage and does not give up. Quail Lortano is the first female President of the United States of America, but she has to overcome many challenges and her own lack of confidence to get there. Pearl Shoelock discovers the magic of the chessboard. Bonto Lansing always dreamed of winning a cross-country race. On the day of the big race, though, his life takes an unexpected turn. In other stories, Sister Sylvia finds the daring to share her writing talent with the world. Tom Mildew finally learns to appreciate his fathers work. This is a world of enchantment, built from Yastikas own experience. Through this collection, she portrays characters that pursue their dreams and never give up, just like Yastika, as this book is her dreamcome true.

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